Can I Trust My Husband Again? How To Build The Trust

what to do when husband cheatsAll healthy marriages need a solid footing of trust to survive. Trust is the basis on which everything in a healthy relationship stems from.

Once damaged, lack of trust will quickly destroy any relationship.

Trusting again after your husbands infidelity may seem impossible right now, but if your marriage is to survive, rebuilding trust is a must.

Can I trust my husband again?” You have doubtless asked yourself this question if you are trying to repair your marriage after an affair.

Trust is something that is earned, so it’s vital to understand that you might never regain that trust unless your husband is ready to help you in every way possible. Your husband should be ready to assume full responsibility for his indiscretion, and recognize the profound emotional trauma he has caused you. He must be willing to acknowledge that you are in deep emotional pain, and accept that he has a duty to help you overcome the damage he has done.

The only way to start rebuilding the trust after an affair is if you are both willing to commit to repairing your marriage.

You must both make a pact where both of you vow to do everything you can to survive the affair. For you, the injured party, the seeds of trust will only be planted when your husband admits his wrong doing, and has said he is sorry. You must believe that he truly understands the emotional pain and suffering that he has caused.

Trying to get details about the affair, or trying to force a confession prematurely will only frustrate you, and cause your husband to become defensive. Discussing the affair will come later, and more naturally, as you start to trust again.

If you have both pledged commitment to your marriage, it’s important that you let your husband ask for forgiveness in his own way, it will mean so much more, and hopefully you should be more open to accepting.

Don’t try to force yourself to accept his apology, this will happen naturally as the bond of trust between you and your husband grows once more. You may be willing to accept his apology at first, but in time, if he has committed himself to repairing your marriage and rebuilding the trust in your relationship, you should gradually begin to open your heart to the chance that there may be a hope for saving your marriage.

With the right guidance rebuilding trust and surviving an affair is possible.

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I wish you the best in rebuilding your relationship.